Saturday 30th April 2016 – Sea Day 5 of 5

The Lasts have begun. Yesterday was the Last Friday night get together. Tomorrow will be the Last pillbox refill and the last port day/stop. Today was the Last new canister of deodorant. Monday will be the Last formal night. The Last, the Last, the Last. Most conversations now include, “Well, there’s still a week to go, but in case I don’t see you again…”. There is less than a week left now, in fact.

I think the reason I slept all afternoon today was possibly less to do with the persisting cold and fever, and more plain common or garden depression setting in. Everyone is sleeping a lot now, even the healthy ones. But at least I made it to lunch like a relatively normal human being today. Fever came back during dinner, but luckily, I had eaten by then. Dad and mum both ate well this evening, which is reassuring for me.

Question mark over the air con in the cabin. Is it set too hot if the elastics in your suitcase have PERISHED in the four months they have been sat under the bed?!


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