Friday 29th April – Sea Day 4 of 5

Stayed in bed. All day.

Made it upright in time to meet up and say goodbye to the Friday night crowd. Quite weak and wobbly and sweating/feverish, so definitely in no fit state for kisses and hugs!

Then dinner. Still feverish off and on. Managed to eat, but felt pretty dodgy afterwards.

Back to cabin. Back to bed.

The cough and rib pain are new, though. Maybe that counts as progress? Less sneezy, at least.

That was Friday, that was.

5AM UPDATE: Couldn’t sleep. Felt queasy, which is new. The ship isn’t moving about much, so it must be something to do with this monster lurgy thing that has taken up residence inside me, and shows no signs of moving out. Ribs still hurt too, which makes the, granted now fairly rare, coughs and sneezes all the more enjoyable.

I’ve really had enough of this now.

Did some packing, to pass the time. Dad is starting to fret, so I’m going to need to leave time to go and help them with theirs, as well as doing my own, so a head start is no bad idea. Amazingly tricky to pack stuff away, logistically. I’m seeing some people the night I get back, so I have to make sure I don’t pack their presents in the wrong place, by accident, and drive them back to my flat without delivering them. That would be most annoying. Although I’m sure I’ll forget something, in my current, somewhat befuddled, state (whilst typing this I have realised that I have, indeed, put at least one item in the wrong case, already).

The head rush that comes with trying to get the cases out from under the bed, whilst bunged up with cold and unable to breathe properly, was quite an interesting upside to the whole procedure, especially as, when done, they all had to go back under again! Who needs illegal narcotics?! Hah!

Which reminds me. I have a philosophy essay to write. Woohoo. No way this can go badly, oh no.


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