Another Sea Day – 1st April

Woken by the noon announcement. Lunch. Roof half open – sunny and warm, but quite windy under the open bit. Meant the smoke from the deck barbecue did not linger, but not quite warm enough for long-term sitting around in short sleeves.

Lunch: fruit, burger, corn on the cob, Sudoku. Oh yes, changing it up. How edgy am I?

Siesta. Proper one, this time, with actual sleep and everything. Dinner – edible (no avocados available). Had a surprisingly pleasant and entertaining discussion, considering we wandered into territory such as the monarchy, republics, independence for Scotland, and Brexit from the EU!

Then got right royally April Fooled by an email from home. It’s 9am there, 8pm here (roughly?!), so I had completely forgotten it was still before noon on the 1st. I will have my revenge…

Deeply saddened by the death of Dame Zaha Hadid. And I have no doubt she will be thoroughly Huxleyed by Ronnie Corbett, which is also sad. Ever more sad is that no one I have mentioned it to on board has ever even heard of the world’s most prominent female architect. But what this one Iraqi woman has achieved will change the world for all women everywhere forever more.

The mineral water now being delivered to the cabins is Otakiri Springs from New Zealand. It tastes slightly stale from the moment you open it.


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