Sea Day 3 of 8 – 31st March? Possibly, not sure.

A lovely night’s sleep. Marvellous stuff. Bit bumpy this morning, so no way I was having a shower. Clocks went forward an hour at 12pm, which brought teatime into collision with late lunch again, and meant that two hours-worth of people were trying to get lunch at the same time. Which just makes life a bit more interesting than usual. Ahem.

Fruit, pasta, Sudoku. Finished my book. Really enjoyed it. Will have to keep an eye out for other stuff  by the same author.

Then back to the cabin for a lie down (actual sleep evaded me). It’s rude not to, and it’s also hard not to, when the ship is moving about this much. It’s not rough – in fact it is extremely calm on the surface – winds are no more than a Beaufort 4 – but there is a swell that rocks you just enough to make you drowsy – mostly pitching, not much rolling. There is currently a massive low over the north Pacific, according to the telly weather, so we are clearly either skirting it or trying to get out of its way as fast as possible, because our average speed is currently very high indeed. But it was calm enough for a shower by tea-time, so managed to kill two birds with that stone.

Watched Divergent yesterday. Quite an enjoyable film. A bit stressful at times, but the fairly standard Hollywood ending helped.

After dinner, I went to see a film at the cinema advertised as Spooks: The Greater Good. However, the film was apparently called MI-5, which seems to me to be a blatant attempt to trick people into coming to see it, thinking they are going to see Tom Cruise hanging off the side of a building in a latex face mask. It was, nonetheless, a very good film, and used a lot of the same music, graphics, etc. as the television series. However, they didn’t use the actual MI5 building (Thames House?) for their outside shots, which, bearing in mind that almost everyone on Earth knows what it looks like and which side of the river it is on, seems an odd thing to change. Granted, it was blown to smithereens in the last James Bond movie but one, but that might be taking the concept of continuity a little too far…

It is not yet warming up, weather-wise, where we are, but I am hopeful that in the next day or so, the sun will come out from behind the clouds and it will be warm enough to go back in the pool. I’m not in the mood for the ‘yelping on entry’ thing. Today, the sea was a bluey-grey colour, which, although an improvement on the dark slate of yesterday, is not blue enough for my liking. I want the shiny yellow ball back in view, and I have waited plenty of days for it, thank you kindly. On the plus side, the west coast of the US seems to be warming up nicely. And this week’s averages in Honolulu are in the 80s, which is just fine by me. All we have to do now is get there.


2 thoughts on “Sea Day 3 of 8 – 31st March? Possibly, not sure.

  1. Caryl Jones says:

    The building blown up in the Bond films is MI6 not MI5.
    MI5 is on the South Side of the river and hardly ever seen on tv etc.

    • Caryl Jones says:

      Oh, and it was called Spook – A Greater Good in the UK, but changed in the US to MI-5 for no other reason than that’s what they seem to do!

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