Thursday 24th March 2016 – Jeju-do/ Maundy Thursday

A decent night’s kip cures many ills. Not bad shoulders, though. Although the pain has now focussed, so that I am now sure it is my rotator cuff, and not the actual shoulder itself, which is what I damaged in Alaska. My physio, Karen, clearly did a formidable job on fixing that.

Jeju-do is an island off the bottom of the Korean peninsular. It is where South Koreans go on holiday. It is has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted around the island, and most people speak at least some English. The ship absolutely would not provide a map of any kind, so after standing around in immigration for 20 minutes, we made finding one our priority, before boarding the shuttle bus into town. We were dropped in the centre of town a bit before 11am. Which is all very well and good, but as the shops do not open until 12 (and stay open until 9pm), this was fairly pointless. We wandered, we stopped for coffee and loos, we wandered some more, along the seafront. There is no beach on this side of the island; just a sea wall and a straight drop into the sea, which tries very hard to come over the obstacle. Suffice to say, my sunglasses are now spotlessly clean…

It was fairly cold to start with – coats and scarves and gloves – but by about lunchtime, the sun had come out, and it had warmed up significantly. The display outside the Ramada Plaza Hotel informed us that it was 17 degrees in the shade, which felt a darned sight more civilised – and it was positively warm in the sunshine. It also informed us how many kilowatthours of electricity its solar panels were producing – about half as much again as the hotel needs, I think – which seems very green indeed.

Inside, we had a late-ish light lunch and used their free, if rather slow, wifi, for a while, before heading back to the ship. Cannot Skype from here – the time zones don’t fit. My shoulder was causing me so much pain, I could not face doing any more. Two Paracetamol didn’t even make a dent in it; I would have been better off with Smarties – at least they would have tasted good! Once back on board, I took two soluble aspirin and slept for two hours. They either killed the pain, or just knocked me out cold so I didn’t care!

My friend, Sue, who broke her wrist the day we left Southampton, is now out of her cast, and has kindly lent me her sling, so I can try and remember to NOT USE my left arm for a day or so, to give it time to heal.  It got me LOADS of sympathy in the dining room!

Then bed, early night. Shattered. Another port day tomorrow, which is a struggle at the best of times, but with a bad shoulder, everything is going to be more work. I felt bad for Dad today – he pushed mum around town in the wheelchair all on his own. If we had known how flat it was, we could have taken the scooter, and she could have driven herself. Thanks, P&O.

Tomorrow: Busan and, allegedly, the world’s biggest department store… don’t tell my bank manager.


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