Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – Sea Day.

Woken by the noon announcement. That counts as a decent night’s kip, methinks! Met up with parents for Sudoku, etc. Then back to bed. Turns out it is not quite warm enough on deck for t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, even with the roof shut. So very weary. I seem to be suffering increasingly severe slumps after busy days. I hope this is not developing into a pattern. I don’t remember feeling this awful after first and second leg port days.

Throat much better. Still a little sniffly, but no sneezing. So, yes, probably allergies provoked by the pollution. A lady at lunch had the same problem yesterday. and also met the rude people. She has no intention of ever setting foot in China ever again, either. It’s a shame, because there are some sights I would still like to see in the South – like Chengdu Panda Nursery and the Terracotta Warriors, but I have no intention of being treated like that ever again. Unless I get a written guarantee that people outside the city are nicer, I won’t bother. Ever. Now, granted, my little boycott won’t matter much to a country this size, but it’s the principle of the thing. And now I know it wasn’t me over-reacting  – others got it too – I know I won’t be coming here again. Like I said, it’s a shame, but, right now, I cannot see myself standing for that again.

Appear to have re-damaged the shoulder I nearly destroyed in Alaska –the left. I took my coat off in the car yesterday, and the scream that came out of my mouth frightened even me. What it did to everyone else, I can’t imagine. It is still hurting today. I don’t know if I should have a massage, or if that would do more harm than good.

Note to self: That shoulder does not go backwards any more. Stop forgetting. It’s quite important.

Before dinner, I tried to have a rest, but every time I dozed off, I was woken by a violent bout of shivering. It was a formal night, but I went down in tracksuit bottoms and two jumpers, ate my food and left, still shivering. It’s either (a) I’m coming down with something after all and it wasn’t just the pollution yesterday, or (b) a reaction to the fact that I ate virtually nothing all day yesterday, and my system is low on fuel, or (c) I caught a chill on my kidneys sitting in that blasted unheated terminal for two hours, or (d) I caught a chill on deck this morning, or (e) a reaction to the pain and heat in my shoulder, or (f) more than one of the above, in combination. Whatever it is, I’m going to bed (it’s 20 past eight here). And I’m putting on a jumper over my pyjamas. Of course, the one time I can do this and get away with it – nothing else I should be doing, nowhere I need to be – there is nothing worth watching on the tv on the recordings channels and precious little internet or tv signal for the live stuff. *Sigh* Now, where did I put that book…?


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