Sunday – Sea Day – Numbers lost in the ether – no idea

Woken at 8.30 by some loud, but incomprehensible announcements – I think they were for crew, not passengers. These continued, at roughly half hour intervals, until it was time for the church bells (which did NOT come into the cabins) and I gave up and got up.

When people give talks on board, they are filmed, and then rebroadcast on the televisions in the cabins. The one I have found this morning is about who might have been Jack the Ripper. It was quite interesting, aside from the fact that he spent most of his time slagging off authors of opposing books and theories!

Now he is saying that Sherlock Holmes was REAL and might have been involved in the Jack the Ripper murders. In fact, apparently, all the Sherlock books are dated, and he had a ‘day off’ on the date of every Ripper murder. So does that mean he investigated, or does it mean he DID them?! It raises some interesting questions, apparently. Does it? About Sherlock. Er, no. He is FICTIONAL. Maybe, conceivably, about Arthur Conan Doyle, but I doubt that too. Funny way to end an otherwise apparently well-researched, factually-based talk.

Turn over to Live at the Apollo. Justin Morehouse is rather funny. Must keep an eye out for him in the future.

The people of Glasgow did not welcome or support Bonnie Prince Charlie. In fact, they actively rejected him. He went around Glasgow, to Perth, Stirling and Edinburgh, instead. This is the sort of random stuff you learn from channel hopping on the cabin telly!

We have now sailed 22,182 miles since leaving Southampton.

At the beginning of each leg, fresh toiletries are delivered to the cabin. So far I have 4×100 ml of Jasmine, rose and neroli shampoo by The White Company, and 4×100 ml of Jasmine, rose and neroli conditioner, also from The White Company, along with four individually wrapped shower caps, all unused and going spare. If you want them, yell soon, otherwise, they’ll go back to the steward. But if you want them, they’re yours.

Gosh, my thoughts are scattered today!

Feel really under the weather, even though the sore throat has (pretty much) subsided. Going back to bed.

I seem to have hit a rich seam of CSI: Miami, every evening after dinner. Not sure why they have suddenly started in the past few days, but I’m enjoying it.


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