Sea Day – Saturday – numbers unclear

Not a good night’s sleep. Hot and sticky. And I still have a roaring sore throat. Lots of vitamin C today, methinks.

Woken before 9 by an announcement about Manila health inspections. A little five-day cruise/jaunt for the erstwhile chaps and chapesses of Philippines Immigration.  Anyway, I fell back asleep – having not slept for much of the night, it wasn’t difficult! Woke at 11.30. No more announcements, bizarrely. Went to the inspection, only to find they had knocked off for lunch! Handed my form in at Reception, anyway, and went up on deck to have lunch with mum and dad.

Fruit, Sudoku, a bit of reading for the OU essay I have to summon into existence in under a week, swim. Only managed six lengths because (a) it was rough as hell and (b) I am clearly coming down with something and my arms and legs could not do any more. Seems silly to have got wet for so little achievement, but it was worth a try. Apart from anything else, it confirms that my sore throat is working very hard on becoming more than a sore throat, and I need to take it easy for a bit. Mind you, I drank so much, I imagine the chlorine has pretty much sterilised my throat!

The essay is on whether it is possible to discuss the value of human life without recourse to religious doctrine or terminology. Had a chat with dad about this. He thinks that the value of life is extrinsic and based on your utility to others and what you do with your life. Mum thinks the opposite – that the life of a nurse is as valuable as the life of a rapist, because, as she put it, “where there is life, there is hope”. Both arguments intrigue me, so I may actually quite enjoy doing this essay, for a change.

The sea was turquoise green for most of the past week, but we have now reverted to cobalt blue. There are sporadic dark patches here, under the water, that do not match the clouds above. Don’t what is down there, but it looks quite sinister! Thank heavens for radar and sonar, to protect us from bumping into whatever they are. Probably volcanoes that are gradually growing towards the surface. In a few decades’ time, there will probably be new islands here to steer around. This is the ring of fire, after all.

Tomorrow marks the end of week 9 of 16. Another Sunday rolls around. This is passing far too fast for my liking.

Then dinner and back to the cabin. Actually very tired, but my brain is buzzing about this essay. So maybe not quite such an early night as I was originally planning. Need to get some ideas down on paper.


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