Thursday 3 March 2016  – Sea Day

A lovely sea day. I slept eleven hours straight. That will fix most things, I think you will find.

Fruit, pasta, Sudoku. 20 lengths with the new goggles. The whole world looks yellow, but they don’t stop the glare of the sun. Need to work out how to wear sunglasses over the top of them! They do their job, but because they are adjustable, they have rubber bobbles along both sides to act as stoppers at different lengths, and the bobbles leave a row of dents in the side of my face!

Then dinner. They are quite a pleasant group, I think. Jerry doesn’t say much, but when he speaks, he is invariably hilarious. And very quick-witted. Katie seems somewhat of a racist. Granted we were talking about Europe and the referendum and the refugee crisis, but making a comment about Asians taking over the whole country seemed a bit of a leap, and one I was not happy to hear. So I ended the conversation there and then. I’m not dignifying shit like that with an answer.

Quick Facebook check to finalise plans to meet our cousin tomorrow.

Then The Equalizer and bed. I’ve never seen this film. I remember the tv series with affection, and I was concerned about the hijacking of the concept. But it is rather good – a little formulaic in places, but none the worse for it. You know what you’re getting. It’s like eating in a Mcdonalds in Japan. It’s familiar enough that you know what you’re getting, but with the occasional extra twist to keep things interesting.  And a rather superb soundtrack to add to my list of wants – that and the Bourne soundtrack, if there is one.

Then Chicago on another channel. LOVE this film. One of my favourite musical movies.


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