Wednesday 2nd March 2016 – Sydney Day 2

Day two means we are now moored out in the harbour and have to tender ashore (we vacated our parking spot at 4am, and the Carnival Spirit was there when we woke). There was a bit of a wait for a tender, but only about half an hour. What we eventually boarded was not one of our lifeboats, but a Sydney Harbour Tour Boat, which was very comfy indeed. It was almost a shame we were only aboard for six minutes!

We came ashore on the “other” side of the Opera House (which is called Man O’ War Quay), and walked back towards town along Opera Quay. I had a home-made artisan ice lolly from a stall called Liane Raine. I had the melon one. It was divine. Keep an eye out for these lollies, they’re lovely.

We stopped at East Bank Pizzeria for an early, excellent lunch, and then had a row at the ferry ticket office. The woman at the counter refused me a student discount, because I am not studying within New South Wales and then also said my parents didn’t qualify as seniors, because they are not taxpayers here. Neither of these alleged restrictions have applied anywhere else, and neither are they written anywhere. We told her precisely what we thought of her (I get that maybe my student status might conceivably not apply, but are you seriously going to look two eighty-year-olds in the eye and tell them they don’t qualify as OLD?!).  I then went to an automatic ticket machine on a different wharf and bought whatever tickets I bloody well chose. No one stopped us. No one checked them. The entry machine accepted the tickets quite happily. Turns out the money inside my credit card is the same colour as everyone else’s. Who knew?! And then we boarded the Manly Ferry – we were the last ones through the gate!

Manly is half an hour away on the slow ferry (18 minutes if you take the “Fastferry”, but 12 minutes is not worth twice the money!) Manly is a lovely little seaside town, with beautiful beaches and excellent waterside cafes. The town has a pleasant feel – and three main streets in a u-shape. If you get a chance to visit, I am quite certain you will enjoy it.

Then back on board in time for dinner. We have four new people. One couple: Katie and Jerry, and two singles: Janet and Margaret. Janet and Katie were VERY put out that I said mum had a regular seat, by the window, facing forward. Apparently, because Janet sat there last night (because we dared to eat ashore), it is now hers. Tough. Then they said they wanted to rotate each night, and they seemed to think that we are compelled to submit to their desires. We’ll see how that goes for them. I, for one, don’t care either way, but you bully my mum at your peril. There are some things I will not stand for. Katie and Jerry will be gone by Hong Kong, but we’re stuck with Janet all the way home, so this may continue to be a bit of an issue.

When they had finished sulking, they turned out to be fairly pleasant to talk to, and we had a bit of a laugh, swapping “cruises we have been on where we left people behind” stories. This was prompted by some repeated and rather insistent tannoy messages for certain individuals. It seemed puzzling that they kept doing the messages. BOB tonight is 10.30pm, so making announcements at 7.30 is unlikely to guarantee you a response…

I’m going to bed. I am tired beyond belief.


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