Sea Day – Tuesday 23rd February 2016. Probably.

Mad Max Fury Road. Not bad. Bubblegum for the soul. No value, no insight, no taste.

Valkyrie. Rather stressful but really quite good.

For me, it is now 9am on Tuesday 23rd. For you, it is 8pm on Monday 22nd. Still with me?!

A quiet day of fruit, pasta and Sudoku. Adam Hart-Davies gave another talk, which overran slightly, but was thoroughly enjoyable, as expected. The theatre was quite cold, though, so I did rather leg it out the door at the end. I hope he wasn’t offended!

Went down to the Medical Centre so they could give me my B12 jab. £50 for the injection of a product I supplied myself. *sigh*.

Today is 60s and 70s night, so a little bit of dressing up required. Velvet trousers and flared sleeves.

Dinner was pleasant enough. Laurie and Michael did not come to dinner, but that meant that we got to have a good chat with Paula and Dale. We talked about television programmes from our younger days. It’s amazing what crosses over the pond and what doesn’t. For example, they knew Bilko, but not Top Cat. Which was based on Bilko. Very odd.  When we discussed movies, Dale said that he hated Hot Fuzz and did not enjoy it at all. Michael and I were flabbergasted. We’ve never met someone who didn’t enjoy Hot Fuzz. Funny old world.

Michael has a bad tooth, but he was coping quite well until dessert. Ice cream followed by coffee really hurt him and he went very red in the face and left early to go and find some more painkillers.

Tonight, I asked the captain about Hurricane Winston, which has devastated Fiji, and now appears to be tracking on a course that will meet up with us at Auckland. He said it was coming, but that it would weaken as it passes over cooler water. Dale says the water has to be at least 28 degrees Celsius to allow the formation of a cyclone, so the cooler the water, the less energy the storm will have. I hope they’re both right!

It is now 11pm for me on Tuesday 23rd. I think it is 10am in the UK. This is all getting very confusing.

I’m so tired. No matter how much I sleep, I can’t shake this drowsiness. I spend most of my time just fighting to keep my eyes open.  I think I shall surrender and go to bed. I’ve probably long since stopped making sense anyway, so it’s probably best I stop typing.


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