Sea Day – Sunday 21st Feb.

I’m not sure why the new episode of Sleepy Hollow is always shown on a Sunday morning. Someone’s idea of a joke, perhaps. We have a channel called Prime US. Never heard of it before, but it seems to show stuff I like. Now we have NCIS: Cyber. Entertainingly, one of the guest actors is called Booboo Stewart. Is that a real name?! What a bizarre choice. I know that every actor has to have a unique name, under Equity rules, but frankly, Booboo? Seriously?! Prime US must be pre-recorded, because it shows trailers for movies that will be released in time for Christmas 2015. I really want to see Deadpool. That has to be the best trailer I have seen in a very long time.

Apparently, yesterday the Entertainment Manager won a bet in the cricket nets, and now the Hotel Manager is his slave all day. She has to do his announcements, shine his shoes, feed him a Creme Egg on the hour every hour, and glue diamantes to one of his ties! I have been woken by less amusing announcements.

Sundays are sad days. Every set of church bells over the tannoy tolls the end of another week. Six weeks down, ten to go. *sigh* It seems hard to believe that so much of this cruise is already behind us.

Okay, now I officially need a lie down. The noon announcement from the Bridge has just explained that we are going forward 23 hours, and we achieve this by putting the clocks BACK one hour and waking up on Tuesday. Like I could be more confused than I was before. My poor brain.

Tomorrow’s newspaper was delivered. Twice. One for the 22nd and one for the 23rd.

The one for the 22nd offered free spa treatments, helicoptering in fresh goods to the shops –requests taken, and a port talk on a new excursion to somewhere called The Moon. There is a new guaranteed weight loss method available in the Spa’s piranha tank – cost: one arm and one leg, and a class called Kleptomaniacs Towel Folding (bring someone else’s towel). It’s a shame the Naked Bungee Jumping is only available to those over 80, but I’ll console myself with the Strip Name that Tune quiz later. Although with the dance lesson being body popping and break dancing and the late night disco being a drum and bass rave, I’ll have a busy day.

Seven people will miss their birthdays. Does that mean they stay the same age for another year?

Today was a quiet sea day. The pool has water in again, but I was so tired, I didn’t go in. just had lunch and then went back to bed! Slept til dinner time. Either I’m coming down with something or I am going through a spate of depression. I feel very apathetic and gloomy. The weather was a bit overcast today, which didn’t help. I am always quite susceptible to a pathetic fallacy – although I thought the weather was supposed to reflect my mood, not vice versa! It’s still 25 in the shade, mind you, and bright enough for sunglasses, not dark. But I just can’t shake this feeling. Hence all the sleeping, I suppose. Depression has no logic. I’m having a wonderful time, seeing some amazing places and meeting nice people. Even the food is good – when I can stomach any. At the moment, I am only eating fruit and pasta – can’t face anything heavier. Maybe I’ll have an early night and hope I feel more cheery tomorrow. Whatever day it turns out to be!


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