The last one!

Sea Day 9 of 9 – I think it’s Wednesday 17th, but I might be wrong

We’ve made it. Herewith the last of the consecutive sea days. I think there might be a bit of a stampede tomorrow morning, to try and get down the gangplank! I’d just be happy with a whole night’s sleep right now. we are at GMT -9 and I think we do another tonight. It makes life very difficult, particularly if you want to discuss something with someone in the UK. If I rise at 9, it is now 6.30pm in the evening for them. It’s going to make Skyping home tomorrow a little complex.

Lunch: fruit. Swim: 36 lengths. Eventually stopped because I was bored, rather than tired. The massage I had yesterday must really have cleared my muscles of lactic acid. No aching whatsoever. Lots of chats to people and Sudoku. Then changed for dinner. Laurie and Michael did not come to dinner – they must have eaten elsewhere. They were spotted during the day, so we know they are okay, although there have been some instances of, ahem, illness on the ship, which are now starting to come to light. Several people brought coughs and colds on with them, that they probably picked up on the plane. When you remove half the passengers and add 1000 new ones, fresh germs are inevitable. If we escape with mostly coughs and sneezes, though, we’ll be doing just fine.

Ohh, goody, Ambassadors is back on. Consider me fully distracted. Bye.

Note to self: Cadbury’s Flake and computer keyboards are not a good mix.


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