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Sea Day 8 of 9 – Tuesday 16th February

Leetle bit bumpy today. I say ‘today’, but of course, whereas it is 9.30 am here, it is 5.30 pm for most of my readers, so I hope you had a nice Tuesday. We have no internet. Don’t know why, it’s not THAT bumpy that a satellite footprint could skip past us because of us moving around constantly. We have plenty of telly, not that there is much on. Great Gatsby is back on tonight, but I may have to go to the cinema to see Agent 47 (if there are any tickets left). We’ll see nearer the time.

Today we are level with Reunion, although 8000 miles away from it! 28 degrees in the shade.

Hung around by the pool, chatting with Laurie and Michael and Ruth and Alan. Dad had left my fruit with Laurie, before he and mum went to their posh lunch, so I ate that while we talked. Dad turned up at about 2.30 and mum surfaced at about 3.15, just as I was heading off to my massage (via the library to book a ticket for Agent 47). When I got back, they had gone. But my 75 minute massage did take an hour and three quarters in total, so I can’t blame them for losing interest.

Good news/bad news. Good news: got into the smaller swimsuit today – a whole size down. Feeling a bit smug. So stuff has either been significantly redistributed, or I’ve lost some weight. Can’t find out til New Zealand though. Probably should have worn the other swimsuit, though, bearing in mind the application of massage oils. It might have been wiser to put on the clean, new one on a different day. Bad news: didn’t have time or energy for a swim today. After my massage, I could not stop yawning! Yes, that is what passes for bad news around here. That, and the lack of internet signal (the flipside of which coin is that it doesn’t cost me much!). Oy, my life is a trial.

Watched Getaway while getting dressed for dinner. Very fast moving, but quite entertaining and a nice Hollywood ending for most of the cast, if not all. Four stars out of five. If you like action movies, and particularly if you like car chases, you’ll like this. Re-watched Quantum of Solace this morning, but you already know I like everything about that film except the theme tune, so I don’t need to re-review it here.  A couple of odd cuts had been made, including the release of the water to the villagers, which I found a surprising omission – that’s pretty much the whole point of the film, I would have thought – but I have no idea who cuts these for P&O or how they think (or, indeed, if).

Laurie didn’t come to dinner, but the rest of us had a nice time. Michael said that she wasn’t ill, she just didn’t feel like a big meal. Fair enough. I know the feeling!

Hitman: Agent 47 was very good. 4.5 out of 5. An excellent, well-constructed action movie. Some good acting, some excellent set pieces, and some interesting philosophical/ moral considerations. Then back to the cabin for the rest of Gatsby. What a beautiful film. Very obviously a Baz Luhrmann work.  Haunting and so lovely to look at. He really is a master of cinematography. To take a story that, whilst written in excellent prose, is essentially quite mundane at its heart, and turn it into something quite so ethereally magical, is a very special gift.

Very late night by my standards on this holiday. I’d say 2am, but, frankly, I have no clue.


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