Signs and Wonders

So, time to say goodbye to my lovely readers, at least for a while. I hope you have enjoyed the recent entries of my blog. It has been great fun to write, if nothing else! I hope to take another cruise soon, so watch this space… Of course, if the mooted idea of a book ever comes to fruition, I shall, of course, let you all know.

Of the exactly 4,200 photos I have taken to date on this cruise (not yet “pruned”, clearly!), several have been photos of interesting, quirky or funny signs that I have seen along the way. By way of a closing for this cruise, herewith a selection. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Signs and Wonders

  1. hormiga says:

    Very good Em, will miss this but look forward to the BOOK !!

  2. Sheila and David says:

    Really enjoyed it. Great reminders all the way through. Thanks

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