Punch ups and fires

The night before last there was a punch up in the pub. I kid you not. Someone got a little inebriated and grabbed an officer, allegedly attempting to strangle him. Can’t imagine what you have to have said in order to provoke such a reaction, but there you go. Someone stepped in and held them apart and the passenger who was allegedly doing the aggressing wound up with either a broken nose, a broken jaw or a dislocated jaw. Take your pick.

Tonight at dinner, there was another Assessment Party call, this time for cabin D86. Someone has set fire to their cabin. Well done.

There has been one confirmed case of flu on the ship, for which Tamiflu was prescribed. This caused an adverse reaction in the person concerned and now everyone in the Medical Centre is now right on edge.

Tell you what. It’s all go on here, all of a sudden!

Edit: There are now LOTS of crew down with the flu. The Head of Security is Tamiflu’d to the eyeballs and the Captain is recovering but the Deputy Captain is now down as well. We’re getting more and more glad we’re getting off of here!


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