Further LA immigration rumours

These are all just rumours. I cannot vouch for the veracity of any of them. For all I know, they may ALL be nonsense.

Rumour that, originally, the Immigration People were calling names at random. This prompted some sarcasm along the lines of “Can you go any slower?” to which the response was, “We’ll show you how slow we can go”.

Another rumour about an assault and arrest and that someone is now off the ship.

Incorrectly completed Customs declarations or, more probable, not completed at all, as we were told the night before we didn’t need to do them. Many of us caught on and did them in the queue, but many also arrived at the front empty-handed and had to stand and fill them in then and there.

One lady wrote to Captain and was told that the need to fill in a Customs declaration was a change of mind “at the last minute” by US Immigration.

One couple stayed on the ship and waited for the final call, which came at 1pm. They then still had to wait 2 hours.

Someone made an adverse comment about 9/11 and incompetence, which upset the Americans.

Rumour that there was a party on the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the Captain held the ship back so that he could attend. He is joining the current Queen Mary this September.

Rumour that two people from the ship are still being held in LA. And that this made the news in England. Allegedly. The lady apparently assaulted an Immigration Official and her partner stayed with her.

Someone was seen having bananas removed from them. You’re not allowed to take food into the USA and this made them check everyone more carefully.

Cheering and clapping for each person that made it through. Americans don’t like sarcasm.

At least one chorus of “Why are we waiting”.

Rumour that it made it to British TV that there was a riot on a P&O ship in LA. There was certainly something pretty close.

Verifiable and verified facts

There are two currently mentions of the LA immigration incident on the web. They are at maritime matters.com, which starts as a review of the ship, as if it is new, with photos of each public room, etc. (it’s not new, it’s six years old), and then goes on to talk about what happened at immigration in LA; and the other is on the P&O website itself, where individual passengers can have blogs. Who “Jay” is, I don’t know, but it’s an interesting read.

We may never know the truth of what happened or why, but both passengers and officers are openly worried about what might happen when we get to Port Everglades and have to be immigrated AGAIN.


One thought on “Further LA immigration rumours

  1. Sheila and David says:

    Dont forget it was in the Daily Telegraph!

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