Sea Day

Depressed. Really depressed. They’ve cancelled my Wind Turbine excursion. Not enough people. Not enough people? Surely there’s a MAXIMUM number of people who fit inside a wind turbine, not a minimum! No, the truth is, there are simply not enough people to make it PROFITABLE for P&O. To hell with the happiness of the passenger. Again.

This is the second excursion to be cancelled in two days – well, I think there are others, but two of MINE have been cancelled. Yesterday, we were informed that NASA has changed the scheduling of Astronaut Training and we can’t do that anymore. I checked the website and that actually appears to be true. The tour website now only lists Saturdays. So I suppose I’ll just have to accept that one being removed out from under me.

The trouble is that the loss of each of these feels quite substantially devastating. I’ve been looking forward to Astronaut Training for MONTHS before we sailed, and I’m not the only one. David is beside himself as well. He’s positively bereft. Now to lose the turbine trip as well? It’s just too unkind. Particularly, when, in this instance, there is no valid reason, other than the fact that P&O apparently aren’t making enough money.


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