Endicott Arm

I hate this captain. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. We didn’t arrive at 6.30, we arrived at 5. We didn’t leave at 12.30, we left at 10am and I barely saw the glacier, because I wasn’t up in time, BECAUSE HE LIED. If he had said, we will leave at 10, I would probably have got up a bit earlier. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. What would it cost him to just once in his pitiful little life tell the passengers THE TRUTH. Or, and here’s an idea, DO WHAT HE SAYS. If he says we will leave at noon, we should stay until noon, we should not be departing at 10 anything. If confronted, he’d probably say that it takes time to travel back down the fjord and we will actually geographically leave the entrance to the arm at 12, but if he says that, he KNOWS he has misled us, so even the excuse is damning. What a hateful, hateful, hateful man.

And before you say I’m over-reacting, Dad has just met someone in the lift who missed the glacier completely because they thought we weren’t leaving til 12. In fact, the people at the next table are saying similar even while I’m writing this. I was surprised when I went out on deck how few people were out there at the glacier. Now we know why. They all trusted the Captain to tell the truth and keep to the timings he gave us. And he lied. So they all missed it completely. The time is now 11.22am and the glacier is long gone from view.

For what it’s worth, the Dawes Glacier is a big, blue one at the end of the fjord. It is quite dramatic. It doesn’t have much of an ice field, so you can get quite close, but it does have some rather large bergies, the kind that, if 9/10ths are hidden under the water, are probably proper icebergs. The rest of the fjord is conifer forest on snow-capped mountains. I hesitate to say ‘more of the same’, because that sounds a bit blasé and a bit bored, but to be honest, right now, I’m typing this, Dad is doing Sudoku and mum has her head on her arms on the table and is trying to have a nap. It’s that much the same. It’s all beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the same beautiful as before. It was breathtaking and awe-inspiring and photo-taking about a week ago, and we go past this stuff REALLY slowly. Now, it’s just some more mountains and a bit more of the Tongass National Forest. Sorry.


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