Sea day mystery

We have just crossed over a line in the water. I kid you not. A virtually straight line in the water. I’ll attach a photo because otherwise you wouldn’t believe me.

We’re guessing it was the edge of an underwater shelf, although the table behind us have a theory about water temperature which I find unlikely, although I suppose not impossible. The greener water we are now in is no rougher than the royal blue we’ve come from, so it’s not that the sand on the bottom is more churned up, the wind speed is actually slightly lower, so that’s not it. If anyone has any idea what would cause this, please let me know! It’s not often something so dramatic occurs on a sea day.


2 thoughts on “Sea day mystery

  1. Si says:

    One of the sides of the Bermuda triangle?

  2. emma594 says:

    Wow, babe, your geography REALLY sucks! 😀

    Go and look up where Bermuda is on an atlas, sweetie. It’s a useful thing for a pilot to know. 😉

    So, in answer to your question, not exactly…

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