Monday 2nd May – Sea Day 1 of 3

The LAST three sea days. *sigh* and including the Last clock change at lunchtime today, after the Last face-to-face immigration inspection (woohoo!). We will move from GMT to BST and then the end will truly be in sight. Once we’re back in the same time zone as you, it’s just a matter of time – if you see what I mean.

I have to say, you have clearly been trying very hard with the weather for me, just as I requested. Words like ‘heatwave’ are very reassuring, but I don’t think I’ll put away the fleece and scarf just yet…  It’s still less than half of what we had a week ago. But bless you all for (a) trying and (b) thinking that 19 degrees constitutes a heatwave in May, even in the UK.

So, anyway, one proper night’s sleep later – lovely – immigration, fruit, pasta, Sudoku, siesta, massage. Last one of those too, sadly. Michelle really is VERY good. *sigh*

Then dinner and chores – picking out the photos worth keeping/paying for, trying to arrange the apology meal that is all we are clearly going to get for all the lies that were told about San Francisco, emails and the usual stuff. Busy, busy, busy. Who has time for packing?!

I really need to crack on with that essay…


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