26th and 27th

Tuesday 26th April 2016 – Sea Day – 1 of 5

Didn’t sleep well. Well, I did have a fairly stressful day yesterday! Very achy when I got up – even my hair hurt – so met parents for fruit and drinks and a chat and then went back to bed. Slept til nearly 5pm. Not quite the achievement it sounds, because we did lose an hour today at lunchtime, but still pretty impressive, I think. We are now only four hours adrift from the UK. I think the rotten pair of them have given me their cold – I am pretty sure I have a roaring fever. Still feel pretty rotten, to be honest. Unfortunately, I have an OU essay due that I haven’t even started yet, so I can’t just curl up and go back to bed. Boo. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m in no fit state to study. Gnite.

Wednesday 27th April 2016 – Sea Day 2 of 5

Slept til 2pm, which was 3pm, because the flipping clocks changed again. Then dad rang to see if I was okay, and then turned up with a bowl of fruit. I still have a roaring fever, which is probably why I didn’t sleep much during the night.  But I slept today, oh boy. At 5, I had a shower and put on some clean clothes, which felt good. Went to dinner and ate something and drank LOADS. Then back to the cabin for more medication and rest. Still sneezing like crazy. Still feverish. Dunno where I caught this, but it’s a corker.

Stephen Hawking talking about the Wow signal. If the governments of the world are covering up alien contact, they are doing much better at it than they do pretty much anything else. If not, where is everyone? 6EQUJS. It is a puzzle. The human race discovered the atom bomb quite quickly. If the other civilisation did too, over 200 light years away, they might have destroyed themselves before our answer could get there. Maybe they destroyed themselves as soon as they discovered that E=mc2. Or maybe they are already colonising the universe. If aliens ever visit us, it will be like when Christopher Columbus found America. Which did not go well for the Native Americans. He’s quite witty, is Hawking. And probably not wrong, either. We can either listen or talk. If we talk, what should we say? We get some quite thought-provoking stuff on our in-cabin tellies, you know.


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