Sea Day 1 of 1

Not enough sea day for my liking. One, pah. That’s rubbish. Bring on the multiples, I need a rest.

Woken by the noon announcement. Warm but cloudy today. Lovely, actually – very pleasant. Sunday roast barbecue out on deck, too, which was nice. Went up to find mum and dad fast asleep. They both now have coughs and colds, which may be why yesterday was such hard work for all of us. Tomorrow will be fun…

The sea is quite purple today – cobalt blue in the sunlight, but definitely purple in the shade. Reminds that my painting teacher said that shadows are always purple.  And I’ve painted them that way ever since, and it never looks wrong, so she must be on to something. Maybe it’s like water actually being blue in colour? Maybe the air is too? Maybe we don’t just make it blue when we swear; maybe it’s always like that?

Had another massage today, while gazing out at the said blue stuff – sky and sea alike. I always think of the Caribbean as being quite narrow, but there is nothing but sea in any direction. Just us and a few bits of algae/seaweed – hard to tell the difference from fifty feet up; a brown strand of something is a brown strand of something. No more birds. Only had those between Huatulco and Aruba. I suppose we are too far away from land at the moment. Or possibly there’s just not much worth eating around here?!

Internet signal is a bit patchy here, which is odd. We’ve done quite well so far on this cruise. A couple of patchy signals at night, which presumably coincided with the entire United States logging on after work, but this is the first daytime problem I can recall (other than the in port jammings, of course). Oh well, I’ll just have to read a book or something. *sigh*


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