7 April 2016 – sea day 1 of 4

WAY too bumpy for a shower this morning. No, sirree, bob.

Clocks forward at 12pm. Rumour has it, they will be doing this EVERY DAY between now and San Francisco. Yuk.

Those who provide my lunch have now grasped that when I request beetroot, I mean cooked and pickled, not RAW! So that was yummy today, too. Dad commented on how much fruit I eat on board. I never buy much at home, because you usually have to buy so much, it goes off before you have a chance to eat it. may have to look into other ways of doing this, when I get back. Have rediscovered my love of apples during this cruise, so that might be a start. They don’t go off too quickly.

Dinner was not only edible, but downright enjoyable. I got an avocado, edible dressing AND a proper GF roll! Result! And the rest of the meal was delicious. Possibly the best meal I have had on this leg of the cruise.

And Kevin, our waiter who has been off with a bad back, was also returned to us, all smiley and happy-looking. I just hope he doesn’t overdo it and undo all his healing. Backs can be fragile things.

Most of this post seems to be about food. It’s all we do on board, is eat. Get up: breakfast. Elevenses? Lunch. Afternoon tea?! Reception/pre-dinner drinks, probably with canapés or nibbles. Dinner. Last night snack buffet. It’s endless. At lunch, I felt like crying; I just did not want to eat anything at all. Dad has given up eating lunch altogether, but now eats breakfast instead.

My new pooter is very shiny and lovely, but pretty much every single aspect of setup requires being attached to the internet – for AGES – so further such stuff will have to wait until San Francisco. Shame, really, otherwise I could have started using it in anger, so to speak. But not destined to be. *sigh*. Still, it’s out of the box, so that a start, I suppose. Dad says that it should be called Max, as it came from Office Max. I’ll play with the name for a while, and see how it goes. Pink baby was much easier, because she was small and pink! Small and silver and a bit heavy doesn’t really click quite so straightforwardly, it seems to me. But it is VERY pretty. We’ll go with Max for now, and see how it goes. Maxi won’t work; not for a SMALL computer! Maxi the Mini? I dunno.


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