Sea Day 1 of 8 – Tuesday 29th March 2016  

Slept late. Lunch, fruit, Sudoku.

I ache all over. From my hairline down to my toes. And that’s after two Paracetamol. I have definitely overdone it over the past few days. It could take me a while to feel better this time. But I am not alone. Janet didn’t make it to dinner the night before last, because she just felt too “under the weather”. Today, Pauline cut short a chat because she feels so rotten. She will come and see us when she feels more “up to it”. We are all of us shattered beyond words. I need a siesta, but we lost an hour putting the clocks forward at lunchtime, so by the time I had finished lunch, some people were starting their afternoon tea.

When a simple thing like a clock is your enemy – has such power over your mood, your energy, your ability to function, and is so totally outside your control – everything becomes a bit weird. It’s like living your life under constant exam conditions. I have only such amount of time left before such and such happens. And then it will be too late.

My siesta lasted all afternoon. I woke one minute before dinnertime (my body clock knew it was time for food again!). That was my whole day. Definitely felt better for it, mind you, so it was obviously badly needed rest. I just hope I can sleep tonight!

But not too much. Adam Shaw is giving a talk tomorrow morning, I need to be up in time for. Yes, so we’ve had Adam Hart-Davis, Jonty Hearnden and now Adam Shaw! V. impressive. And we’re not even on the last leg yet, which is when they normally wheel out the big guns. They are also showing that Spooks film again, that I didn’t get to see last time it was on, the day after tomorrow, so I need to remember to sign up tomorrow before all the seats are taken. Busy, busy, busy.


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