Sunday 20th March – Sea Day – Mum’s 80th birthday

No chance of a lie-in. Oh no. Not the church bells, however. Instead, it was the Captain, to apologise for how cold the weather is turning. I kid you not. That’s worth waking me up for?!

Sorted mum’s cards and presents, and got up to the restaurant in plenty of time. There were some balloons ready and waiting, so it all went very smoothly. Jonty overran by LOADS, so mum didn’t appear til nearly half 12! Mum was delighted with all her cards and presents, including several from other passengers – and a few that have already left. Their former quiz team mates had even written a poem!

Then back to the cabin. Utterly shattered. Didn’t sleep well last night. Slept for over two hours, so I obviously needed it.

Today, the sea is the colour of green jade, which seems appropriate, under the circumstances.

Dinner went well. The cake was GF, NF but quite edible. The cod was excellent. I’m hoping there will be no ill effects. Mum seemed happy with her cake and singing and people making a bit of a fuss of her.

By the end of dinner, we had entered an enormous bay, and it is now creepily calm. I doubt I’ll sleep tonight. Which is a shame, because we have a hideously early start tomorrow. Bleurgh.


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