Thursday 10th March 2016 – Sea Day 1 of 5

I think I have been glutened. I had four bouts of cramp during the night, and my mouth has once again been fitted with wall to wall carpeting. I don’t recall tummy issues, so it might have been cross-contamination, rather than a full on bread intake. Still a tiring way to start what are supposed to be rest days for recharging.

Found out why it may be that we did not see the eclipse. We were told it would begin at 11.30 am. It started at 10.08 am. Spot the difference. Seriously, if you can’t trust P&O to get even something as simple as that right and inform you accurately… It took me precisely 98 seconds of googling to find this.


So anyone who looked up at 11:30 would have been disappointed.  But, to be honest, it didn’t get dark, and it didn’t get cold (it was nearly 40 degrees – how would we have noticed?!). There was no birdsong, so we wouldn’t have heard them stop singing. Papua was actually hundreds of miles off course and so we wouldn’t have seen much anyway. Still a bit annoying though. Time to book for the States for next year perhaps (August 21st, fact fans – get as far south as possible – Central America would be better still)?

10 am for me, midnight for you. At least we are now on the same day, at least for a while!

I have just watched a documentary showing coral eating plankton. . I had always thought plankton was a form of seaweed – turns out they are really really small fish. With surprisingly big blue eyes. What a barbaric way to kill. The fronds paralyse the passing plankton, and then they drop them down into the mouth. Alive. They drop very slowly, because they are moving through water, not air, of course, and this big black hole opens beneath them. The last thing they see is the faces of other paralysed plankton inside the mouth hole as they fall towards it. And then the mouth closes over them. Utterly horrible. I may have nightmares.

We are now passing an island called New Britain. No prizes for guessing who got there first.

Fruit, Sudoku, 26 lengths (one cramp I can survive, two bouts is time to give up and get out). To be fair, I had been in the pool for an hour before I started swimming, chatting to Christine. It was like being in a rather warm bath that someone tipped up once in a while, sloshing everything down the other end. In fact, I was in so long, I think I got a little sunburned on my nice white watch strap mark, which is annoying, because it won’t prove how pale I was when I boarded, but it’s not the end of the world, in the grand scheme of things.

I am surprised Sky News is allowed to talk so much about the Islamic State membership flash drive they have obtained. Call me cynical, but it makes me wonder how long this has been in the hands of UK/other intelligence organisations. I cannot believe they would be allowed to trumpet it, if it was brand new data. If they publicised it before handing it over to the authorities, they could have done significantly more harm than good, and they could find themselves in VERY serious trouble indeed. It’s an interesting story, though, and it has been fascinating watching it develop from a triumphal but limited announcement last night, to a detailed analysis (after having woken up someone who can read Arabic, presumably!) later in the day.

Black and white night. Lots of women wearing red and blue, as usual. It is very tiresome. Seriously, I know I say this every time, but how frigging hard can it be to dress in black and white? Really? If I’m being unreasonable, feel free to say so, but I simply cannot comprehend that this is in any way hard. All black or all white is fine. It doesn’t have to be black AND white. But how you get from black and white to “head to toe bright red”, is utterly beyond me. Yes, I have a red dress. I might wear it. TOMORROW. When it isn’t BLACK AND WHITE NIGHT. *Sigh*


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