Saturday 5th March – Sea Day

10 hours’ sleep. Definitely needed that.

Fruit, Sudoku, pasta, swim. 20 lengths, I think. It was hard to keep count. An Australian man got in, swam very aggressively, spitting profusely with every head turn, showering everyone with his spat out water, and then he started kicking people as he passed. He got me right in the thigh muscle. Mercifully, he got out, eventually. It wasn’t as rough as the other day – when I swear there was at least one stroke that was so ineffective against the waves, that I think I actually went backwards. Today it was dead calm. Easier to complete a length, but not nearly as entertaining. Or, thanks to Spitty Kicky Man, as enjoyable.

Now here’s a statistic. 1 in 12 of the British population are being studied by a scientific study or survey of some kind. Wow. That’s a lot.

On deck today, a woman kept pushing her sunlounger backwards, ostensibly into the shade. But what she was actually doing was blocking the only thoroughfare across the deck. A waiter politely asked her to put her sunlounger further forward, but she shouted at him, saying she needed shade. I decided to back him up, pointing out that waiters and trolleys and wheelchairs needed to pass by. She said she would move if she was asked to. I asked her why she thought that someone in a wheelchair should have to ask her permission to cross the deck – I forgot to point out there are also blind people on board. She had a go at me, saying I was shouting at her, and I didn’t need to worry, as I am not in a wheelchair. I responded that I am capable of thinking of people other than myself. She moved her lounger. Some people.

Formal night. Teal dress, CZ necklace and bracelet. Pop socks to keep the toes warm. Early night. I’m getting too old for this.


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