Valentine’s Day

Sea Day 6 of 9- Valentine’s Day – Sunday

Late start. Fruit, Sunday roast beef out on deck. 26 in the shade. Sudoku, booked a massage for two days’ time. 20 lengths. Rest. Formal night. Wore the pink shalwar kameez. Received several compliments, which was nice.

After dinner, I went to the show with Michael and Laurie. It was called Reel to Reel and centred on songs from British movies. It was quite good- a couple of the singers will be worth keeping an eye out for in the future, in the West End, I think.  They even did the Full Monty! Laurie loves music, so afterwards, we went to a music quiz in the pub. We didn’t win, but we did quite well and had a lot of fun. As we were in a quizzy mood, we then went up and did the Syndicate Quiz. We ended up sat next to Mum and Dad and their regular table – they go every night. Again, we didn’t win, but we did better than they did – partly because Craig and Peter didn’t arrive until it was nearly over, so they were down a third of their team and also the ‘young’ contingent they normally rely on.

Then had to walk the entire length of the ship – from the front tables of the Crow’s Next to the aft-most internal cabin – which took me a while in kitten heels! Bed. Shattered. Clocks go back again tonight. Tomorrow morning we will wake up at GMT-7. It’s getting quite confusing now. Basically, I’m getting up as you head home at the end of the day. My world is quite topsy-turvy at the moment.


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