Lazy Sea Days

Sea Day – 6th February

Weather is now 16 in the shade. Might take my cossie out today and see if the pool is back in use (it has been closed for maintenance).

12 lengths, once the roof opened. First, we had to ensure an hour of angle-grinding and hammering as they did something to the roof mechanism. You don’t realise quite what an echo chamber it is until you are sat enduring that! Ended up having to take two Paracetamol, because my head was pounding.

Once we entered the South Pacific during dinner yesterday, we have really pegged it north overnight, covering over 400 miles – we usually average between 300 and 350, so the Captain must really want us to feel warmer! (If we ask him, he’ll probably gloss over the following wind that is helpfully shoving us ever northwards) So this will count as a success. It is now 17 in the shade and probably well over 20 in the sun, the roof is open, the sky is a cloudless blue and someone thinks they saw a dolphin. You don’t get passengers any happier than that. Throw in a penguin memorabilia sale in the shops, and the mood is positively cheery.

Update: I may have been glutened at dinner. I had breaded fish, which was supposed to be in gluten-free breadcrumbs. Since our initial issues, they have so far never failed to protect me, and serve me ‘safe’ food, but right now, I feel REALLY ill. I’m hot, to the point of sweating – it is literally trickling down my face and back, my stomach hurts, a LOT, and my dress got so tight I was worried I would have to be cut out of it. It was fairly snug when I put it on, but I was really frightened I wouldn’t be able to get it off. I did get out of it in the end, but I think my stomach is still swelling, and if we’re short on motive power, I have an endless supply of burps available to push us along. None of these are good signs. All at once bodes even worse. Don’t think I’ll be straying from my cabin again any time soon.

The head waiter, Shelton, rang my cabin at 8.45, to see if I was okay, which was very sweet of him. I told him it was probably cross-contamination, rather than a full-on glutening, as although I still feel ill, I haven’t deteriorated the way I expected I would, so maybe the worst is over.

Sea Day – 2 of 2

Sunburn. It’s scorching out there.  18 in the shade – high twenties in the direct sunlight. There was a slight breeze, which was surprisingly chilly, but the warmth was definitely winning. Did 20 lengths today – less current. I also got distracted chatting to a lady about glaciers we have seen, which meant I got more done before I noticed my arms aching.

My elbows are a mess. Not only are they being abused by frequent reading/leaning on stuff, but they are also used for pushing lift buttons, so they’re taking a fair amount of abuse. Not somewhere I normally focus on moisturising, but I may make a little more effort for a while.

Gosh there are a lot of Aussies on this ship, all of a sudden. And apparently, more get on tomorrow. It’s the end of the second sector, so we lose 1000 and gain 900, allegedly, mostly Aussies. Spiffing. Also means we had to say goodbye to Chris, Fran and Abi. Much kissing and promising to stay in touch. I’m really sad about losing them. Just when I was starting to like them! Early start tomorrow. Port Day. Valparaiso. Here endeth the second sector.


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