Last day of January 2016

Sunday 31st January – Sea Day 1 of 3

The next day or so will be the Bumpy Bit.

Things I have learned today #1: Prince Charles is a fully-trained commando and helicopter pilot.

At 10am, they played the church bells through the cabins. Apparently, we now all have to go to church, whether or not we are Christians. Registered my (perhaps unsurprising) protest. They didn’t play the bells through the cabins on the first leg, so why they have started to convert us all now, I have no idea. Not a pleasing start to the day.

Round The World lunch today, so needed to get up anyway (although not admitting that to them). As this may be the roughest/second roughest day (Cape Horn tomorrow) of the whole cruise, possibly not the best choice, timing-wise, but I suppose it will serve as a distraction for 400 of the passengers.

It was quite a pleasant meal, all in all. We had a Third Officer, on our table, Robert Waite. Lovely young man, who was the epitome of an excellent host, listening to our stories about other ships and other cruises, and politely declining to tell us stuff we were not supposed to know! We also had some obnoxious twit called Chris, a fellow passenger, who was so rude, he would not only interrupt anyone else who was speaking, but also talk over people, and even tried to butt in and tell a story I had already started! I let him join in for the punchline, but he was really getting on my nerves by the end. For those who have REALLY been paying attention over the years, the punchline was “Prove it”; do you remember the story?

Overate somewhat, so then went for a siesta. That’s the nice bit about cruising. Want an afternoon nap? Have one. No one minds, no one cares. Do what makes you happy. And it is Sunday, after all. If I was at home, I’d probably be having one there anyway!

Today the sea is a turquoise-green colour (or for the painters, Pthalo Blue and Transparent Yellow combined about 40:60), the sky is blue, the sun is out, but it’s a bit windy (Force 6, gusting to Force 8 at times) and consequently a bit bumpy, and a little chilly (11 degrees Celsius). It’s nice if you can find shelter from the wind but still in the sunlight, though.

We are, as I type, absolutely level with the tip of Patagonia right now, if you want to find us on a map. Go to the very bottom of South America and where it curves to the right at the bottom? We’re about half an inch to the right of that. I will take a photo of the map and add it here. We are the big, white, not in any way to scale boat/bullet-shaped item.

After dinner, watched The Imitation Game (this time with uninterrupted audio). The sea is surprisingly calm, considering where we are. It was almost like a mirror at sunset. I hope it stays like that tomorrow!


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