Sea Days summary

Sea Day 1 of 2.

No fruit. Didn’t get there in time. They put it away at 11.30 and mum and dad were at a talk that overran, so they couldn’t get it for me either. Apparently, our current captain (we changed Master at Rio) was on board the Canberra during its participation in the Falklands War, so he has some very interesting stories to tell. Sudoku, swim (10 lengths – the current was pretty hard work today, and it wasn’t very warm either, but then the sun came out, so I dried off the lazy way). Dinner (the chef needs more practice with the GF Yorkshire puddings – so far they are more like US biscuits and gravy than anything else), cinema (good film, glad I finally got to see it!), bed.

Sea Day 2 of 2.

Ditto, but tonight is a formal, so will have to get all togged up and stuff.


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