20th January – Sea Day

20th January – Sea Day 3 of 4

Had quite a busy day today, for a sea day. Started with fruit and Sudoku, as usual, on the open deck, in the shade – where it was 82 degrees again, although the sky was more cloudy, and it was much more breezy, so the sun did not feel quite so fierce. So I imagine people will be quite lobster-hued by dinner, as people are nothing if not gullible about cloud and wind entailing a weaker UV factor; of course, neither do any such thing.

After some lunch, the music got stupidly loud, so I moved to the other pool, which was much quieter. Finished my first painting – a postcard that John challenged me to do. Not sure how happy I am with the result. May have another go tomorrow.

Mum and dad went to the Crossing the Line party as their quiz partners were participating – every ship in the world that crosses the Equator has to ask permission from Neptune to do so. Every time you cross. This is usually an excuse for dowsing the newest crew members in water with varying degrees of added humiliation tagged on where possible. On P&O ships, it takes place at one of the pools.

I also went for a swim (in the other pool (ironically named the Neptune Pool, as opposed to the Aquarius we normally frequent)). Only managed six lengths. It’s quite exhausting swimming against the flow of the water, which follows the movement of the ship. The current is surprisingly strong. An hour later, I am still deaf in one ear, which is full of water.

Had a lovely long chat with Keith. He tootles around the ship on a little mobility scooter and we’ve chatted to him before. Turns out, he left home without his wallet. No credit cards, no cash, nothing. He has had to make a bank transfer to pay P&O for his onboard expenses. He was worrying about what he will do when he gets to Sydney. I suggested he ask Reception to cash a cheque (he managed to pack that, at least). Or ask his brother-in-law to post his wallet out to meet him in Oz. He will consider both options, neither of which had occurred to him. I suppose in the heat of finding myself on the opposite side of the world to my wallet, I would not find it easy to think too clearly either.


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