Day Four

Day Four – Thursday 12th November – Sea Day

No idea where today went. There was lunch and I did some work and there may have been a nap and that’s about it. It doesn’t take long to settle into the rhythm of things! Ship is still a little rocky, but no one is being ill any more – it’s not that bad. Clear skies and calm seas. We passed Aurora going the other way today – on her way back to Southampton. We would have done a communal wave, but the bridge didn’t bother to mention it until we had gone well past, so they wouldn’t have seen us. Shame, really, we normally always wave to other cruise ships (after playing guess the ship, based on funnels and decoration). I was right in guessing Aurora, so had a few seconds of smug to enjoy.

Formal night again. Managed to wear the same dress, because the new people at our table hadn’t seen it the first time!

After dinner, went to see Jon the comedian’s second show. Actually, very enjoyable. He is a superb piano player and some of his songs were loud out loud hilarious. He has one for people who arrive late to a show, which is particularly gigglesome.

Then the quiz – joint third today – and then a drink with Ross in the “nightclub”. I’m getting the impression the DJ doesn’t like his job, because he just played what he felt like, and wasn’t in the least bit interested in whether the passengers were enjoying it or not. Ross is a fun person to chat to, mind you. But I might remind him to buy his girlfriend a present, as I don’t think he has yet. Having left her at home, I think he owes her something!

On the way to my cabin, I had to look out the window. The ship was so still, I had to check we were still moving. We were.

Woke in the night to the lovely, haunting wail of the fog horn, so that explains that then (mist and fog and rain “hold down” the sea, so if there is little enough wind for fog and mist to form, the sea is usually very still indeed).

Tomorrow: Gibraltar.


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