And so home

Up at 6. No, correction, up and DRESSED by six. Went and had a proper breakfast and then waited for mum and dad in the public room allocated to us (you get kicked out of your cabin by the steward at 8, as they have to clean them all before the next lot start boarding at noon). Got off and walked to the car. This is a shame. They used to bring the car to us. Cost cutting, P&O. Tut, tut. Found it was completely covered in sand! Must have had some interesting weather in Portsmouth in our absence. Drove home and then I unpacked the car and then crashed. I think we all dozed off, in fact. The unpacking still awaits, but, for now, we are just re-adjusting, reading the post and trying to stop our inner ears from swaying. Next cruise: August. Bye for now.


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