Day 4 – Sea Day 2 of 2

Today, someone gave me this statistic. The Nazis stole one fifth of all the art ever made (at the time). I am dubious. Maybe one fifth of the art in Europe, but not the whole world, I don’t think.  They never got to the US, or Australia or New Zealand or South America or China or Japan or any of the East, come to that. There must be lots of art they never got near. But the more I think about it, one fifth may not be that far beyond the realms of possibility. It’s a curious statistic indeed.

A quick line just for my cousin. “Sea Day Special. Full body aromatherapy massage, scalp massage, foot and ankle massage and rehydrating facial. 90 minutes for £73”. </smug> Oh, and the Haribo on board comes in 500g packets. Yes, that is twice the size of the biggest bag I have ever seen on sale in the shops.

Today has been a quiet day. It’s quite bumpy, so I slept quite well. On and off for about eleven hours, I think! Had a massage. No more now until after our three port days in a row.

Very bumpy night indeed, although it eased off at about 2am, as we got into the lee of the island. The evening was bumpy enough that some people didn’t make it to dinner.


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