The sad saga winds towards its end

Captain Schettino’s judges are close to delivering their verdict in respect of the sinking of the Costa Concordia.

Schettino is charged with multiple manslaughter and the prosecution has asked he be sentenced to 26 years. 33 people died at his hand, so that’s less than one year for each life he took.

Although it is the very bottom item on the BBC News website, you can read the latest update here.

Even more sadly, “the ship’s operator, Costa Crociere, was not in the dock. In the aftermath of the wreck of its vessel the company was allowed to make a plea bargain and was fined €1m (£740,000; $1.13m).”

That, to a British cruise passenger means Costa (and, thus, Carnival) consider your life is worth £22,400, give or take.  That’s five three-week cruises to the Med. Or one worldy.

That’s what your safety is worth to Costa Crociere. You may want to bear that in mind next time you book yourself onto a cruise. Of course, not all shipping lines will be so cavalier with your safety, but it’s worth thinking about. You may also want to bear in mind that all ships sailing from British ports are required by law to complete a muster drill prior to departure. Other countries and other lines are not always so fussy.


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