One thought on “The End or the Beginning

  1. Betty Williams says:

    Well that was not much of a surprise. We have recently returned from the Adonia, which sailed up to Scotland(Scrabster) and back down via Ireland and Jersey.A good time was had by all UNTIL we reached our berth for Cork, which was to have been Cobh.Unfortunately we were berthed in Ringaskiddy (where is that you might ask?).Well if you are a freighter carrying animal feed and fertiliser you will know it is the commercial port. What a smell, also, free bus to Cobh (50 minutes away) then you have to catch the train to Cork Or 20 pounds for the coach to take you into Cork and drop you there for a couple of hours.We chose to use the local transport, this cost us just over 6 euros each for a return ticket to Cork!! and we could stay there as long as we liked.
    We had also missed the Isle of Man , as we were to be tendered off, but weather was too bad.So taken early to Anglesey, arriving at 8.00p.m. at night!!!Not a lot to do there at that time of night, but it gave the shop staff a night on dry land!!!
    On the whole a lovely cruise, lovely ship, lovely crew, but there is always a but with P.&.O.

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