The Hangover

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. The last night was superb. Dinner was lovely and we said our goodbyes. We went to the theatre to hear Anton sing before he leaves P&O to start his recording contract. He was brilliant.

Then down the other end for Eighties Hour followed by a Pub Night. Silly games, tv theme quiz and so on. Our team won by a landslide, largely thanks to us getting 9 out of 10 on the tv themes. Well, can YOU sing the theme to The Price is Right?! No, exactly. Nine out of ten.

Unfortunately, the prize was a bottle of wine. Flo doesn’t drink, Yvonne had had plenty by then, i can’t drink wine, because it makes me ill, and Donna went to bed. Which just left poor Welsh Sue from Swansea to drink the whole blinking bottle. To her credit it, she managed it, but she could barely stand by the end! We danced til about 2, which was fine, because the clocks go back tonight, so we all get an extra hour in bed. Yay!

Sadly, Saturday is Chucking Off day. They start shouting at you in the cabins at 8am and at 9, my stewardess actually threw me out so she could turn my cabin around. Mum and Dad booked a taxi and dropped me at the station. Train into Waterloo, tube to parents’ house. Easy peasy, no? No. Not during the Olympics. It was like rush hour in a heatwave the whole way. Standing room only all over the place. Hard work. Then the drive home, petrol fillup, tesco shop (empty fridge syndrome) and then home.

It’s the silence that’s weird. Not hearing the constant hum of the aircon. I think i’ve almost stopped swaying, though, which is nice. So here endeth the Norway cruise. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog. If you have any questions, let me know. Til the next time.


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