Wednesday 1 August 2012 – Olden

A fairly leisurely start. Woken at about 7am when the ship slowed down and I had to put my wristbands on. Then got up properly about 9.  We were booked on a boat trip, which always feels like an odd thing to do when on a cruise – get off a ship, get on a boat.  But this was a lovely, relaxing trip across Lake Olden, just lying on the deck in the sun admiring the scenery, which is breathtaking, and getting to know fellow passengers (one of whom has no recollection of having danced with me the night before last!). Our guide was a bit old and doddery but pleasant enough and the coach trip back was uneventful but with a couple of rather lovely photo stops.


I got off in town, having been told it was 1km to walk back to the ship. Browsed the shops, ate in the only eatery in town, which was a pub up a rather vertiginous staircase, and then back to the ship for the regulation nap.  That was NOT a 1km walk. I was shattered and woke up with screaming cramp. Had to get dad to go and buy some tonic water and bring it to me, because I was in too much agony to move. I had cramp up the FRONT of my calf. You try stretching that. 

 At dinner, there were balloons on the table and Tony had found some on his door in the morning too.  He also got a card from the Captain, as well as the one from us.  Dinner was roast lamb, which was very nice.  After dinner, we went to the show, which was songs from musicals.  Again, there was a slideshow before it started, and again there were some dreadful spelling mistakes.  It really is inexcusable.


Then rounded off the evening with a disco called “Dancing Through the Decades”, which is the same as the usual disco but in a different room and with the bad band for some of it and all the Ents Officers dressed in silly outfits.  It transpires that DJ James rather fancies Yvonne, who sadly could not be less interested.  Very funny to watch, though.  It also turns out that Tony and Sandra do a mean jive. Who knew?! Pumpkin time at midnight. Fourth port day in a row tomorrow.  Urgh.



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