This is one of those One Thought, One Paragraph entries. Sorry. I know they’re bitty, but life’s like that.

Had a massage today. Alexandra really is very good. She established that, rather than exacerbating the supra-spinitus tendonitis I was being treated for before we left (thank you, Karen!) that has completely healed (thank you, Karen!) and I have actually done myself a completely separate and brand new injury, overextending the deltoid muscles at the front of my shoulder, not the back. The only cure is massage and exercise. She said it’s okay to use the sling to immobilise it, but that it won’t help it heal, it’ll just stop it getting worse. They have a buy five get one free on massages, so I may HAVE to have another few. *sigh*

The Adonia (launched this week by Shirley Bassey) has no Entertainment Officers on board. Too few rooms and too little going on to justify it. This does not bode well. I mean, I’m all fora quiet holiday, but there’s quiet and quiet…

There are reports that the P&O website shows that we are not going to Limon. Not the pages I looked at today, mind you. Possibly another attack of Overactive Imagination Syndrome from our now notorious tablemate.

Disgusting: Am sat in the shade by the pool chatting with friends, while the Chinese couple at the next table cut their fingernails with nail clippers and let the pieces fall on the floor. Not one broken one that’s bugging you, all of them, on both their hands. People are trying to eat their afternoon tea, here. How revolting.


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