Various stories floating about regarding the nine and a half hours of immigration chaos at LA

Disclaimer: These are all rumours. I cannot vouch for the veracity of any of them.

One woman lying on the floor and screaming and only being persuaded to get up by the arrival of two armed officers.

One lady staging a sit-in on the floor at the end of the gangplank and refusing to budge until they provided a chair for her to sit on.

One passenger swearing at the Immigration Officers, being arrested and taken away.

One passenger spitting at the Immigration Officers, being arrested and taken away.

Five passengers grumbling at the Immigration Officers and being disrespectful.

One man being refused a doctor despite clutching his stomach and begging for assistance.

At least two people collapsing and one woman fainting in the queue (I know the woman who fainted).

The reason it was so slow was because they were looking for someone.

Someone claiming that the Americans misunderstood ‘Arcadia’ as ‘Al Quaeda’ (remember, they do pronounce it al kay da!)

One person was arrested, cuffed and taken away.

They were only fingerprinting 1 in 50 passengers until someone upset them.

A security officer threatening to arrest people who didn’t disembark when ordered to do so.

Mutiny in Reception from crowds of shouting people who wanted to leave LA as planned and go to Roatan. Apparently some people only took this leg of the cruise because they wanted to go to/back to Roatan (our tablemates from Canada included).

A claim that the Captain’s wife’s plane was delayed, so the ship was held back to wait for her (unlikely!).

A claim that the ship was impounded by US Immigration and refused permission to leave.

Rumours that if you are over eighty, you get immigrated quicker. MUCH quicker. They all but ignore you.

Rumour that the chief executive of P&O UK, Carol Marlow, is going to fly out to the ship to placate the passengers.

Apparently there was no change in procedure – someone who got off at 8am and was in Long Beach by 9am had to do the full fingerprints etc, just like everyone else. So maybe all of the above is completely untrue!

End of list. Take your pick, frankly. Could be any, all or none of the above whatsoever.


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