Sea Day 3 of 3

I have discovered something mysterious. The remote control for the television in my cabin has a Magic Button. Really. It’s clearly labelled. I’ll put up a photo. It doesn’t seem to do anything when I press it, but if someone finds a new country at the back of their wardrobe, it’s probably my fault. Sorry.

San Fran tomorrow. Have emailed the poor cousin who is meeting us to tell her we have no idea when we’ll be allowed off or even where we’ll be moored, so no change there then. US Immigration are due on board at 6.30am, but we won’t be allowed off until every person on board has been “immigrated”, which is always nice.

Went to the shop to look at what was on offer. They have special Alaska anoraks, but they aren’t going on sale until 17th May, AFTER we have visited most of the Alaska places where we would need said anorak! I pointed this out and was told the stock wasn’t coming aboard until Skagway (although I think they mean Whittier, as they were talking about the 16th May). Really not all that bright, P&O, are they?


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