Royal Wedding at Sea

My opinion? It’s a very nice dress. I can see why they mention Grace Kelly when they talk about it. It’s the collar/ neckline. Think High Society. Or her wedding, if you remember it. The trees in the Abbey were a nice touch. I have to say, I am very chuffed they are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Yay Cambridgeshire! Take that, Oxford! Hah!

Things were rather disorganised on board. No bunting went up until after dinner last night and my special Horizon newspaper, telling us what was happening when, specially printed in gold ink, no less, was never delivered. Eventually, I went to Reception and got one. Not an impressive start. They showed the wedding live at 4am. No, I didn’t get up especially, sorry. I watched it at 7am instead! There was an apparently last minute “street party” organised on the back of Deck 9, but I didn’t go. The heat was way too intense to sit outside for two hours singing Roll out the barrel. I sound like quite a misery guts, don’t I?! But I was actually rather excited about the whole thing and was rather sad I was on the wrong side of the world on such a momentous day. I would have liked to have gone to The Mall with my mates and seen it all for myself. But, hey, I’m on a 72-day cruise to Alaska! Not that bad a gig, all in all!

The special True Brit musical show was very good (songs from British musicals with an emphasis on Cockney accents wherever possible – you know, Oom Pah Pah from Oliver! and the like), although it ended rather abruptly, and the sing-song at the pub was standing room only, so everyone seemed to have a good night.

But what a shame. At dinner tonight, we all got a free glass of bubbly with which to toast the happy couple (nice touch). It was a formal night, and we had a special menu, printed with Kate and Wills’ CW logo in gold on a purple background. Lovely. Shame no one bothered to SPELLCHECK THE MENU INSIDE. I mean, you’ve heard me rant about careless spelling from P&O before. In fact, a large proportion of the last cruise blog was devoted to almost daily error-spotting in the menus. There is a now a trend at dinner for people to try and spot spelling mistakes on the Passenger Information Channel PowerPoint slides every day. But this is atrocious. Seriously, I’m really aghast. How little effort would it have taken? We will now forever all own a copy of a menu advertising “srawberry” ice cream for dessert. It is really disappointing and not a little sad.

But what do you expect from P&O? Apparently, not much. Well done, P&O, you’ve really screwed this one up. You don’t get a second chance at a Royal Wedding. I feel it is a terribly appropriate indictment of the shoddy lack of attention to detail that symbolises P&O these days. There’s a general lack of care, whether it’s general customer service, loyalty rewards, spelling or rust-proofing, or even allowing the disabled passengers to use the shorter, less steep gangway to come back on board, no one seems to bother taking their jobs seriously or doing them well and no one puts the passenger first. Personally, I think that whoever authorised the menu to go to print should be fired or at least demoted. They are clearly not interested in doing the job properly, so they should hand it over to someone who will. Utterly shocking. What an ignominious end to what was otherwise a magical day.


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