Planning the logistics of the next cruise

Planning a long cruise is a fairly epic exercise that has to be started months in advance.

The least is putting all the bills on direct debit. What about medication? I’ll be away for two and a bit months this time. So I’ve started ordering extra.

Regular readers will be familiar with my angst about taking enough, but not too much, by way of cosmetics, such as cleanser, moisturiser, etc.

This weekend we started booking excursions.  So far I have booked the following:

a helicopter trip over the montserrat volcano,

sailing on an america’s cup yacht,

seaplane over alaskan fjords,

dogsledding in alaska,

trip up the inside of a wind turbine in vancouver, and

astronaut training at the kennedy space center.

now, to swim with dolphins in mexico or not to swim with dolphins in mexico, that is the question…?

Wow, how adventurous do i sound, all of a sudden?!


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